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Nu Skin Glacial Marine Mud Mask: Review
Using this mask on active acne - before/after photo

Nu Skin Glacial Marine Mud Mask: Review

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I found the Nu Skin Glacial Marine Mud Mask to be very effective at deep detoxing of my skin and left it very soft. It sucked out the puss from active pimples. It did not leave my skin red and dry like some other clay masks like Aztec Secret Clay. It was easy to wash off. Full Review here.

Huge improvement in my active pimples. Before/after image of my skin from using Nu Skin's Glacial Marine Mud.
I was super impressed at how this active spot was significantly reduced, without breaking my skin! So relieved! ?

How it works – MUST KNOWS

  • When the negatively-charged Marine Mud is on your skin, the positive-ion impurities in your skin are drawn to it, so that it binds to the mud. All of the positively charged impurities then get rinsed away with the mud.
  • 50 skin-beneficial minerals and trace elements are deposited into the skin.

Skin Advisor’s take

I liked: 

  • Highly effective in drawing out impurities, I had less breakouts after using a number of times in a month.
  • It accelerates active pimples, so it can make a pimple worse but it does get better quicker. 
  • It’s didn’t dry out my skin, like other mud masks I’ve used. My face was very, very soft afterwards. 
  • You can see the oils being drawn out from oily areas of the face makes the mud dry slower in those areas. 
The darker dots is oil from my pores being sucked out. So gratifying!

I disliked: 

  • It does feel quite tight on your face as it dries. You can’t talk comfortably when it is dried.
  • I would advise to put on a thin layer. It’s a bit difficult to rinse off if you have put a very thick layer.   
  • It will stain clothes, bedsheets and other fabrics if you get it on there, so be careful.


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